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How2franchise is accredited as a Franchise Consultancy, we have unrivalled experience in setting up and running successful and well known franchise businesses and assisting in franchise development for existing franchisors.

Franchise Consultancy
Achieve international expansion with How2Franchise

Franchising is not only a methodology that can help you expand your business nationwide, but worldwide as well. At How2franchise we have a number of methods your business can use to develop international operations and build a global brand, we at How2franchise have been assisting brands to do this for over two decades.

Master, Regional, Area Development Franchising

A number of different structures have been developed to deal with the difficulties in overseeing international franchise networks, the simplest being Master Franchising. In this situation the franchisor awards a Master Franchise to a suitable indigenous individual or organisation in the target country, often in return for a significant investment. The Master Franchisee secures exclusive rights to develop that country under the franchisor's brand, trading style and system either by establishing a sub-franchised network, Master Franchisee-owned outlets or a mixture of the two.

IIn some countries (such as the USA) one Master Franchisee may not be able to manage the entire territory. The Regional Franchising approach divides the target country into regions, for example dividing the USA into states, which are treated as mini Master Franchises. These Regional Franchisees must cooperate on national initiatives such as marketing.

In some companies or industries where sub-franchising is not permitted and the franchisee must own all new outlets opened, a whole country may not be the most efficient size of license and the territory is divided, much like in Regional Franchising. Where no sub-franchising is taking place, this practice is usually called Area Development Franchising.

Area Development

If the franchisor is capable of providing the support, it may opt to Direct Franchise a country, taking direct responsibility for recruiting, training and supporting a franchise network through long-distance control from the headquarters, a subsidiary office in the target country or an appointed agent.

International Consultancy

How2 franchise is acknowledged as an international experts in international franchising, we have assisted numerous important brands to achieve global growth through its network of offices in Europe, New Zealand and the Middle East. With our detailed International Franchise Development Programme, we can assist your business from research through to recruitment.

Large Company   Working With Larger Companies & Corporates

Whether you want to franchise the total business or just a part of it you should be talking to us to determine the best franchise structure for your company.
We have advised some of the largest and best known brands in the UK or Internationally on how2franchise their business, designed their total documentation and implemented their franchise recruitment programme.

Working With Small and Start-up Businesses

We offer help and franchise advice to small businesses and larger companies who want to franchise their business as well as those companies who have business opportunities and wish to expand.
  Small Business
We offer practical franchise advice to new and existing franchisors based on hands-on experience as we have been advising businesses, large and small, for 20 years. We offer the best value in the market place.
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