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How2franchise are acknowledged as an international expert in international franchising. We have assisted numerous important brands to achieve global growth through its network of offices in Europe, New Zealand and the Middle East. With our detailed International Franchising Programme, we can assist your business from research through to recruitment.

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International Franchising & Why use How2Franchise?

Cross border franchising is the heavyweight category of franchising and you need top class professionals to see you through. Our How2Franchise team has the unsurpassed experience, knowledge, contacts and track record to make sure you achieve your goals on time, cost effectively. No matter what aspect of international franchising you are considering contact us now and receive the full support of the UK’s top team. Unlike franchising in your home country, international franchising usually involves selling the franchise rights to entire countries, or even groups of countries or continents. ow2franchiseInternational can advise you on the right route to take Furthermore there are various different strategies that can be adopted that vary from business to business and from country to country. Often different strategies must be used by the same franchisor in different countries. For each target country/region, issues such as currency and exchange, consumer and market variations, language barriers, taxation, corporate laws, local customs, etc all need to be addressed. Successful international franchising is a minefield for the inexperienced and is not to be embarked on lightly. But a successful overseas launch can mean a brand establishing itself as an international force to be reckoned with, and of course increases the value of the business substantially.

If you would like to discuss the prospect of developing international franchises please feel free to contact us

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